Hours: 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Phone #:571-374-6242

Fax #: 571-748-6551

School CEEB Code: 470-002

Twitter: @ColganCounselor

Emergency Resources

ACTS Hotline #:703-368-4141

PWC Child Protective Services Hotline #: 703-792-4200

PWC Community Services Board #: 703-792-7800

Suicide & Crisis Hotline Call #: 988 or text 988

Emergency Call #: 911

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    Counseling Admin. Assistant
Counseling Department Mission

The Colgan High School Counselors will work to prepare and inspire students for their future in a positive, culturally diverse and sensitive, student-centered learning environment. Through a comprehensive academic, career, and social-emotional counseling program and collaboration with students, staff, families, and community partners, counselors will help ensure that each student learns the critical thinking and problem-solving skills that set the foundation for lifelong success and productive, responsible citizenship in a globa, technological society.

Counseling Department Vision

The Colgan High School Counseling Department envisions that, through preparing and inspiring all students for their future by providing a world-class education, all students will achieve personal, post-secondary successes and thrive in a challenging and ever-changing globally diverse and technologically advanced workplace.

Colgan Counselors believe:
  • All students will learn to their fullest potential and achieve the personal, social/emotional, and career goals they set for themselves.
  • A culturally diverse and sensitive learning environment enriches the development and educational perspectives of all students, helping to nurture integrity, compassion, and respect in all students.
  • All students are entitled to equal access in high quality educational opportunities, including a comprehensive school counseling program that fosters skills to ensure students become productive, responsible citizens.
  • The comprehensive school counseling program serves the whole student, by supporting all students’ academic achievement, social/emotional development, and post-secondary planning through managing, delivering, and evaluating developmentally appropriate, data-driven activities and interventions.
  • Counselors are school leaders, advocating on behalf of all students and collaborating with all stakeholders, to work to remove any and all educational barriers and biases that will close achievement gaps and promote success for all students.
  • Counselors will abide by professional ethics and standards, set by the American School Counselor Association, and will continue to participate in professional development sessions on county, state, and national levels.