Online Applications must be submitted by December 14, 2021 at 11:59 p.m.

Applications can be found on the PWCS Specialty Program Website

CFPA Audition Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do first if I want to apply to Colgan?

Fill out the PWC Specialty Program Application. Links to this application can be found on our CFPA page on the Colgan Website.

You MUST make Colgan your FIRST choice selection

Because of sheer volume of applicants, we can only offer auditions to those who make Colgan their first choice.

Why does Colgan have a different due date for their application?

he Colgan deadline for applications is December 7th at 11:59 PM. Other Specialty Programs in PWC have a deadline in February. We are audition based, so we need time to review auditions before the February deadline.

How many students do you accept in your program?

There is no set number of students we accept. In the past 4 years, we have averaged between 45%-65% overall acceptance rate. It depends on the total number of applicants, space available in the school, and classroom size for the different concentrations.

Will transportation be provided for my student if we do not live in the Colgan district?

The PWCS Transportation Department offers Express Bus transportation for transfer students in Specialty Programs. The pickup points are usually elementary or middle schools and may not be in your neighborhood. See our CFPA main page for more information. Students zoned for Colgan HS will take their neighborhood bus.

Can my student audition for more than one concentration area?

Students choose ONE area to audition in that will be their primary focus during their time at Colgan. However, many students choose to also take elective classes in other arts areas if their schedules permit. 

Do we need to submit letters of recommendation and evidence of our grades?

No. Acceptance into the program is based solely on the student’s audition.

Are there special requirements my student will have to meet to be part of the program?

Yes. Each concentration area has requirements that may require your student to spend time after school to complete. There are also Masterclass requirements, performance/exhibition requirements, and performance attendance requirements. More information on each concentration area can be found in the CFPA Handbook, which can be found on the CFPA Documents webpage. Students must also maintain a “B” or better grade in their concentration classes and a “C” average overall.

If my student is a transfer, will they still be eligible to play sports under VHSL rules and guidelines?

Yes. Transfer students for Specialty Programs are eligible to play VHSL sports.

How will I receive confirmation about my audition?

Students will receive an email this year prior to winter break with their audition letter and the information they need for submitting their requirements

Can a student apply who is currently a junior/rising senior?

We do not accept seniors into the program since they are unable to complete all the requirements of the program.

Can a student reapply if they auditioned last year and were not accepted?

Yes.  All students who are currently in 8-10th grade can apply for an audition.