During the fall, representatives from various colleges and universities will come to Colgan HS to share with Juniors and Seniors about the interesting aspects of their college or university. These visits typically last 30-45 minutes. To attend a college visit OR REGISTER TO TAKE THE ASVAB:

  • Log in to your Naviance Student account - Username = student number   Password = date of birth with four digit year (ex. 08022002)
  • Click on the Colleges tab at the top right
  • Click on Colleges Home
  • Click on College Visits on the bottom right and click 'Show More'
  • View Details and Register for the college visits you are interested in
  • Make sure to VIEW DETAILS about the location, time and special instructions for each visit
  • On the day of the event, show your teacher the registration confirmation on your phone or in print to be dismissed from class
  • Students are responsible for any make up work missed during class
  • ____________________________________________________________________________________________

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Campus visits allow you to get a feel for the atmosphere of the school; while, at the same time, make that all-important first impression with both the college’s Admissions Officer and Financial Aid Officer.

Although campus visits may actually be conducted starting during the student’s high school junior year, most students choose to For tips on how to maximize your experiences, CLICK HERE.

Image result for helpfulHere are two helpful charts for students to use.

To compare colleges in order to narrow down your search and make sense of it what is really important to you:
College Comparison Checkllist.pdf

To keep track of all of the deadlines when applying to college:
College Deadline Tracker.pdf