Virtual Learning Support
Posted on 09/28/2020

Virtual Learning

Time Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8:30-8:45 a.m.

Virtual Day*

Recorded or on-demand lessons in Canvas. 

Office Hours by appointment with teachers.

Open office hours with counselors, librarians, and other support staff

On-Demand Learning

Retakes & Student Support Meetings

Student Support

On-Demand Learning 

Retakes & Student Support Meetings

Student Support
8:50-10 a.m. Block 1 Block 1
10:10-11:20 a.m. Block 2 Block 3 Block 2 Block 3
11:30-12 p.m. Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
12:10-1:20 p.m. Block 4 Block 5 Block 4 Block 5
1:30-2:40 p.m. Block 6 Block 7 Block 6 Block 7
2:50-3:30 p.m. Virtual office hours Virtual office hours Virtual office hours Virtual office hours


Weekly Schedule

watch an overview of the weekly schedule


Watch an overview of how to navigate Canvas

Canvas for Students

Students Access Canvas at

  • The login is the email and password

Dashboard: Cards for each course students are enrolled

  • Students can rearrange the cards in the order of their  schedule
  • Students can rename a course to a more familiar nickname. 
    •  Example: English 11 2020_21 Yr  Teacher Name = English 11 p6

Courses: All courses a student is enrolled

  • Students can star courses to appear on their dashboard

Calendar: All upcoming assignments and appointments

  • Students can view upcoming assignments by date
  • Students can reserve an appointment with their teacher or counselor

Studio: Video and Audio Recordings

  • Students use studio to record videos and audio for class assignments
  • Students can upload media or link to videos on YouTube

Zoom Setup for Students

Authenticate Your Zoom Account:

Steps to authenticate your Zoom Account

  • Open the Zoom Application
  • Click Sign In
  • Click Sign in with SSO
  • Enter PWCS Doman
    • pwcs-zm-edu
  • Click Continue
  • A window will open to sign into your email
    • email and password
  • Open Zoom when prompted
  • Verify your account by seeing your email in the Zoom application

Access the Zoom link inside your Canvas classes

Zoom Setup  

watch an overview of configuring Zoom


Parent Observer Account

Watch how to  setup your Parent Observer Account

Canvas for Parents 

Parent Observer Account:

  • To get started you need a pairing code from the child
    • Ask your child to log into Canvas. 
      • Student navigates to Account, then Settings
      • Student clicks on "Pair with Observer" and shares the code
        • Code is valid for 7 days
    • Ask your child's teacher or contact the school
      • Verify your parent identity over Zoom or the phone
      • Ask for a pairing code for your child

Parent Account Features:

  • View all your child's courses on your dashboard
  • View multiple children on your dashboard
  • Add multiple children
    • Click Account and Observing
    • Add additional pairing code for each child

Canvas Parent Tips:

  • Inside a Canvas Course view announcements, assignments, grades
    • Announcements:  Zoom links and recordings, upcoming assignments, links to lessons
    • Assignments:  upcoming assignments, student submissions
    • Grades: scores and feedback provided by the teacher
    • Messages: send your child's teacher a message through the Canvas Inbox

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School Laptop Tips

Webcam not Working:

  • Turn off the privacy shutter at the top of the screen, above the webcam.

Zoom Meeting requires Authenticated Users:

  • Make sure you are signed into Zoom by clicking Sign in with SSO 

Studio, Flipgrid, or Google Docs/Office 365 will not load:

  • Make sure you are using Google Chrome to access Canvas
    • Safari and Edge block cookies not allowing Canvas Studio to load 3rd party websites
  • If you are using ad-blockers or anti-virus on a personal computer, 
    •  Allow Cookies for 3rd party websites
    • Open Chrome, Three Dots, Open Settings
      • Click Privacy and Security
      • Click Cookies and Site Data
        • Allow Cookies

Password not working:

  • Go to to reset your password
  • If using a school computer, visit a PWCS parking lot
    • Restart the  computer
    • Sign back in to sync up the password change

Audio not working:

  • Plug in headphones and see if you can switch speakers in Zoom
  • Still not working, hold down the power button on the laptop for 1 minute
    • Restart the computer, audio should be enabled

Computer Running Slow:

  • Try to keep the number of programs open to 2 or 3
  • Limit the number of tabs in Google Chrome to 4 or less

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Laptop Updates  

watch  how to update on a school laptop


Counseling Support 

Contact your Counselor:

ParentVue Activation:

  • Email Ms. Willis at or call the school at 571-374-6550 to request an activation code

Preferred Name in Canvas, Email, Zoom:

  • Add a preferred name in the ParentVue Return to Learn Packet
    • Trouble with the Return to Learn Packet, email Ms. Williams at   

Need a Student Transcript: