Attendance FAQs
Posted on 12/11/2020
Attendance FAQs

Have questions about attendance during virtual instruction?

How do I submit an excuse note for my child?

  • Email from the email account associated with your ParentVue account.
  • Provide your child’s first name, last name, and grade
  • Provide the date(s) or periods of absences
  • Provide the reason for the absence
  • Excuse notes should be submitted within five (5) days of the absence if possible. If you are unable to use the email address associated with your ParentVue account, a staff member may call to verify the excuse

What should I do if my student was marked absent from a class, but they were actually present?

If you feel that your child’s attendance is inaccurate for a specific class, please reach out to the teacher directly with your questions

My student is unable to attend the Zoom class, what should I do?

If your child cannot attend a live Zoom lesson for some reason, they can still be counted as present for that class if they complete the required learning for the day asynchronously. It is best to have them reach out to the teacher if they have questions about the asynchronous learning for the day.

*If you are having routine computer issues (Canvas, etc…) please feel free to contact The Help Desk at 703.791.8826.


Special Note: Absence notes received will be noted upon receipt; but period/daily attendance will not immediately be changed. If students complete any work asynchronously, the teachers have seven days to update their attendance to reflect. Students who complete asynchronous work are marked “A” in attendance and that makes them present for that class period. Attendance notes will be updated seven days after the absence.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the appropriate alpha secretary.  

Barbara Newton (A-C and O-P)

Martha Smith (D-F and N)

Alisa Hadley (G-L and M)

Melissa Daymude (S-Z and Q-R)