The 2020 application session is now closed. Items listed below are for informational purposes only. If you are interested in applying for 2021, please schedule a meeting with Mr. Lucier (room 2040). 

Summer Residential Governor's School


The Summer Residential Governor's Schools (SRGS) (Academic, Mentorships, Visual and Performing Arts) are month-long residential programs for tenth and eleventh grade students in the Commonwealth of Virginia. The Summer Residential Governor's Schools are housed on various campuses throughout the Commonwealth and are funded by the Commonwealth of Virginia and local school divisions.

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Preliminary Applications (handouts from interest meeting):

2020 Academic Letter of Intent.docx

2020 Arts Letter of Intent.docx

Timeline 2020.docx

SRGS Academic programs provide intellectually challenging and enriching experiences within a community of mutual support, respect, and dedication for a limited number of academically/intellectually gifted high school students. Each college-based program provides a curriculum that integrates subject matter from various disciplines around its overall program theme. Each mentorship program provides challenging work experiences relevant to the mentorship site.

Agriculture (100 students) Virginia Tech (agribusiness, biotechnology, environmental science & its implications, international trade, resource management)

        Humanities (150 students) Radford University (anthropology, economics, history, literature, media, philosophy, political science, psychology, sociology)

         Medicine and Health Science (30 students) Virginia Commonwealth University (biology, chemistry, computer science applications, environmental science, forensics, medicine, physics)

         Math, Science & Technology (160 students) University of Lynchburg (anatomy & physiology, astronomy, computer programming, geology, hydrology, hypermedia, physics, upper level mathematics)

    Engineering (12 students) Jefferson Accelerator Facility (aeronautical engineering, computer science—advanced, electrical engineering, material science, mechanical engineering)

          VIMS/Virginia Institute of Marine Science (6 students) Christopher Newport University (coastal law, fisheries, marine resources management, wetlands ecology) 

The (SRGS) for Visual and Performing Arts (VPA) provides artistically challenging and intellectually enriching experiences. This learning occurs within a community of mutual support, respect, and dedication. The VPA program focuses on process, not upon finished works of art. The program exposes students to a wide variety of experiences in an art form and offers participants opportunities to explore numerous aspects of variety of art forms. Students spend the month interacting with outstanding arts professionals from throughout the country.  

Visual and Performing Arts Radford University

                             Instrumental Music         (55 students)

                             Vocal Music                     (25-30 students)

                             Visual Art                        (40-45 students)

                             Dance                              (20-26 students)

                             Theater                           (40-45 students)

Arts Links:

Preliminary Arts Application

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Links to recommendation forms:

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Academic Teacher B.xls

Arts Teacher A.xlsx

Arts Teacher B.xls     

October 10, 2019 Interest Meeting Presentation

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