Resources to Support Learning at Home 
  • Intro to Engineering & Design
  • Intro to Game Development & Design
  • Graphic Communication
  • Engineering Design and Development
  • Principles of Engineering PLTW
  • Production Systems 
  • Criminal Justice I
  • Criminal Justice II
  • Construction Technology
  • Civil Engineering and Architecture 
  • Communication Systems

Mr. Ayoub   Mrs. Humphries
 Mr Ayoub, CTE teacher   Mrs. Humphries, Criminal Justice teacher 
 Classes Taught
- Intro to Game Design
- Intro to Engineering
  Classes Taught
- Criminal Justice I
- Criminal Justice II
-DE Criminal Justice I

Mr. Eichas   Mr. Mason
 Mr. Eichas, department chair and CTE teacher    Mr. Mason, CTE teacher
 Classes Taught
- Graphics Communication
- Engineering Design
- Production Systems
- Principles of Engineering
- Engineering Experience & Robotics
  Classes Taught
- Construction Tech
- Communication Systems
- Civil Engineering