Colgan Academic Programs

  • Fully Accredited, Comprehensive High School
  • Advanced (formerly PreAP), Advanced Placement (AP), & Dual Enrollment (DE) courses
  • Center for Fine and Performing Arts (CFPA)
  • Project Lead the Way
  • Criminal Justice
  • Game Design and Development


A/B Day Block Scheduling (7 periods)

  • Even (Blue) Day: 1, 2, 4, 6
  • Odd (Gray) Day: 1, 3, 5, 7
  • Lunch occurs during 4th/5th periods



Students will choose 7 courses plus 3 alternates with a Colgan counselor between the end of January and the end of March. Course requests are available to view in the desktop version of Parent/StudentVUE.

  1. English 9
  2.  Social Studies: World History 1
  3. Health & PE 9
  4. Math
  5. Science
  6. Two Electives
    •  Can include World Language as an elective


Advanced (Formerly PreAP) Courses:

Are advanced level courses required for an advanced studies diploma?

No, advanced and AP courses are not required for students to earn an advanced studies diploma


What should I consider when selecting an advanced level course?
  • Student Motivation
  • Grades
  • Attendance
  • SOL Scores
  • Teacher Recommendations
  • Interest in Subject Area
  • Career Goals
  • Extracurriculars/Balance

middle school teachers will be making recommendations


Why should I choose an advanced level course?
  • Prepare and expose students to college level work while in high school
  • Enhance skills with time management, collaboration, initiative, and self-advocacy
  • Help students improve writing skills, learn problem-solving techniques, and develop strong study habits
  • A rigorous course load is one factor considered during the college application process


Available Electives

What elective courses are available to 9th grade students?
  • Business
    • Principles of Business & Marketing
    • Design, Multimedia, & Web Technologies
    • Digital Applications
    • Computer Information Systems
    • AP Computer Science Principles
  • Technology Education
    • Construction Technology
    • Production Systems
    • Communication Systems
    • Graphic Communication Systems
    • PLTW Intro to Engineering
  • Multi-Disciplinary
    • Journalism I
    • Creative Writing I
    • Leadership I
  • Fine and Performing Arts
    • Art I
    • Intro to Theatre
    • Theatre Production
    • Choir
    • Band
    • Orchestra
    • Percussion
  • Family and Consumer Science
    • Independent Living
    • Nutrition & Wellness
    • Child Development & Parenting

Alternative Electives

All students are asking to select three alternate electives during Academic Advising. If a course is cancelled or there is a conflict in the student’s schedule, an alternate elective will automatically replace the first choice.



How do I expunge a middle school credit?

Any student taking a high school credit course in middle school may request the grade to be omitted from his/her transcript before the end of 9th grade.


What is weighted credit?

Weighted credit refers to the grade point values assigned to certain Advanced level, Advanced Placement, Dual Enrollment, certain Career & Technical Education courses, and designated prerequisite courses.