CFPA Dance

The Dance Concentration Area is a four-year program designed to provide dancers the opportunity to study dance technique in various genres including ballet, modern dance and jazz dance. Students are placed in class according to grade level and move up as a result of mid-year adjudication. In addition to dance technique students also study dance composition, skeletal/muscular anatomy, and dance history and dance production.

Ms. Howes, Dance Director
Ms. Howes


Dance Audition Requirements

Please keep in mind that Covid restrictions have forced us to alter the format of the audition slightly.

Part 1 - Dance Class

Applicant will participate in a dance technique class consisting of classical ballet barre and center which will include movement patterns in ballet, jazz and modern dance techniques. Should the audition be moved to the virtual format, the applicant will view and learn pre-recorded class combinations and submit video of their performance of each combination. Combinations will be tailored to accommodate smaller spaces. Chairs or counter tops can be used in place of a ballet barre.

Part 2 - Dance Solo

Applicant will submit a student-prepared solo.  This piece should be no less than one minute in length and no  more than one and a half minutes. Submission can be from a past performance, a studio rehearsal, or recording from the home.

Part 3 - Interview

The panel will execute a brief interview with each applicant after the performance of solo work. If the audition is moved to the virtual format, students will answer the interview questions (2) provided to them immediately following the class portion of the audition.

Audition Attire

Students should arrive in proper dance attire.  Leotards and tights are preferred for female applicants. Male applicants should wear form fitting work out wear or jazz pants.  Appropriate footwear is required- ballet slippers, jazz shoes and bare feet for modern. Hair should be pulled back and securely fastened.  Please refrain from wearing jewelry or baggy clothes.

As the audition take place in the virtual format, please place camera so that most of the body is able to be seen. This is important to assess proper alignment, technique, and performance qualities. 


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