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Mr. Demko, science teacherMr. Demko joined Colgan High School in 2017. He earned his bachelor of science degrees in chemistry and education at Clarion University of Pennsylvania and his master's degree in curriculum and instruction at George Mason University. Mr. Demko has been teaching in Virginia for 17 years, and enjoys mountain biking, cooking, golfing, hiking, and playing a variety of sports.

Here is this week's review on Chemical Bonds.  This information is also posted on our Google Classroom page.  Each week a new review lesson will be posted here!


Review Topic



Bonding – Types of Chemical Bonds


Types of Bonds

Under the “content” tab, be sure to watch the videos and answer the questions on the review at the bottom of the page.


Bonding – Lewis Structures




Lewis Structures

The next module reviews how to draw a Lewis dot structure for a molecule.



Bonding – Application of Lewis Structures


Lewis Structure Video

This video should help you gain an appreciation for the importance and application of Lewis structures.


Bonding – VSEPR Theory


VSEPR Theory

This module should give you a better understanding of the geometries of covalent compounds.


Bonding - Polarity


Learn more about how the shape and structure of a molecule affects its physical properties.


Bonding – Intermolecular Forces

Intermolecular Forces

Go beyond polarity to learn the other important forces of attraction between molecules.


Quiz Time


Check your understanding on Chemical Bonding

Types of Bonds


Lewis Structures




Intermolecular Forces


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