Ms. Connolly
Ms. Connolly, social studies teacher
Ms. Connolly joined Colgan High School in 2017. She studied at history and education at University of Mary Washington. She enjoys reading, playing with her dog Jake, and watching the New England Patriots and Boston Bruins play. Ms. Connolly is also the varsity field hockey coach at Colgan. She is teaching AP World History Modern and World History II. 

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Ms. Connolly

World History and Geography II

2019-2020 Course Syllabus

Phone:  571-374-6550  Twitter: @colganConnolly

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Room: 1210 


Course Description

This standard course explores the historical development of people, places, and patterns of life from 1500 CE (AD) to the present, with emphasis on Virginia’s Standards of Learning.  Students will take the SOL test.  This course meets the Social Studies requirement for graduation.


Materials Needed

  • Writing instrument: Pen or pencil
  • 3-ring binder (1.5-2.0”)
  • 2 Packs of dividers
  • Lined, 3-hole punched paper
  • Colored pencils or crayons
  • Optional items to donate to the class are a box of tissues, hand sanitizer, crayons, colored pencils, construction paper…


Course Topics

This course enables students to examine history and geography from 1500 a.d. (c.e.) to the present, with emphasis on development of the modern world. Geographic influences on history will be explored, but increasing attention will be given to political boundaries that developed with the evolution of nations. Significant attention will be given to the ways in which scientific and technological revolutions created new economic conditions that in turn produced social and political changes. Noteworthy people and events of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries will be emphasized for their strong connections to contemporary issues.


Although the study of history rests on knowledge of dates, names, places, events, and ideas, historical understanding requires students to engage in historical thinking, raise questions, and marshal evidence in support of their answers. Students engaged in historical thinking draw upon chronological thinking, historical comprehension, historical analysis and interpretation, historical research, and decision making. Students will apply these social science skills to engage in their exploration of the global challenges of the twenty-first century.


Grading/Missed Work

Grades are reflective of a student’s level of mastery of an objective.  Students will be given multiple opportunities to master objectives.  The course will be graded with the standard 80/20 split.  80% of your grade will come from summative assessments (SOL tests, quizzes, projects, etc…) and 20% of your grade will come from formative assessments (comprehension checks, practice problems, reviews, etc…)


Retake Procedures

Retakes are allowed and encouraged at Colgan.  Retakes are not given to boost student grades, but are instead a chance for students to master concepts that are important to the learning process.  If a repeated pattern of academic struggle is occurring, the teacher will communicate with the family in order to set up a strategy for success.


In World History II, the student is eligible for a retake after certain criteria have been met, including but not limited to the following: 1) unit study guide was complete and submitted on the test date, 2) engagement in reasonable relearning has occurred (such as tutoring, a Nearpod or youtube lesson, etc…) 3) other activities as the teacher sees fit.  It is possible and likely that only a portion of the assessment will need to be redone to show mastery.  If this is the case, the student may only need to redo the portion of the assessment that address any learning targets not met.  This may be given in an alternate format than the original assessment.  There will only be one retake per learning standard.  Students are encouraged to attempt retakes regardless of the original assessment scores and should attempt to achieve at the highest level.  All retakes must be completed before the next assessment, or a mutually agreed upon date. No retakes will be given the last week of the quarter so that teachers have an opportunity to finalize grades.


Contact Information

For Students: If you have questions about classwork, homework, tests/quizzes, etc. the fastest way to reach me is through email. the class Edmodo page will be updated weekly with notes, class announcements and other important material, parents are also encouraged to join the class page.


For Parents: I can also be reached through email at  Please encourage your student to be proactive and self-advocate.  Last minute or end of quarter assistance is difficult and does less to enhance student learning; it is easier to fix a learning deficiency if it is addressed early and in a proactive manner.  Students should email me via their PWCS account, not personal accounts.


Electronic Device Policy

  • Electronic devices are acceptable during class with my permission at various times.When I have not granted permission, the devices are not to be out, heard, or seen in times not deemed appropriate.

Additional Information

There are many excellent videos and video clips that enhance the learning objectives of this class.  They will be described to the students prior to being shown and students will have the option of excusing themselves from the room if the subject matter makes them uncomfortable.  Students will be given a supplemental activity if they opt out of viewing a clip.  Examples of films that could be shown in parts or in their entirety include but are not limited to: Amistad, Hotel Rwanda, Gandhi, Elizabeth I, Band of Brothers, and Flyboys.