Mrs. Baudendistel
Mrs. Baudendistel, business teacher

Mrs. Budendistel began her career in marketing and finance. She has been teaching for over 11 years. She started in Prince William County at Stonewall Middle School in 2016. She joined Colgan in 2017. Mrs. Baudendistel studied at Hanover College, Miami University, Indiana Wesleyan University, and Ball State University. Mrs. Baudendistel lives in Prince William County with her husband and two children. Mrs. Baudendistel is teaching Sports & Entertainment Marketing, Sports & Entertainment Management, Econ and Personal Finance, and (Dual Enrollment) Entrepreneurship.

Parents & Students:

Please check below for class schedule updates.  The 3rd quarter ends on April 24.  Please be aware of any missing coursework prior to that date.  Do NOT wait!

  • Business / Marketing Instructional Time:  Tuesdays 9am-11am
    • During “Instructional Time” I will be posting Review Activities that are specific to what we have discussed or covered in class
    • Or I will be posting Learning Resources for your use
  • Business / Marketing Office Hours:  Wednesday 8-9am & Friday 11pm-noon
    • During “Office Hours” I will be available real time via email, EdModo, Teams, or Zoom

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Schedule & EdModo Codes

P1: Sports & Entertainment Marketing 
         EdModo Code: ncn7gm

P3: Sports & Entertainment Marketing
        EdModo Code: 8ni89v

P4: Sports & Entertainment Marketing 
        EdModo Code: b9nhdr 

P4: Sports & Entertainment Management
        EdModo Code: 6v5zjx

P6: Entrepreneurship / DE Entrepreneurship
        EdModo Code: n5bun8

P7: Entrepreneurship / DE Entrepreneurship
        EdModo Code: 82exmv

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