Ms. Bryk
Ms. Bryk, science techer

I am a PWCS graduate and have a bachelor’s of Earth Science and a Masters of Education from George Mason University. I have worked in PWCS for 4 years and during the summers I work at a local summer camp. Outside of work, I like to go hiking, relax at the lake and hang-out with friends. I am excited to be working with the students and staff at Colgan High School! 


 P1 Planning/Duty
 P2 Adv. Earth Science
 P3 Adv. Earth Science
 P4 Adv. Earth Science
 P5 Planning/Duty

P6 Earth Science
• P7 Earth Science

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 Colgan Syllabus Earth Science 19-20.docx
 PWCS Safety Contract (English)


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