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Mrs. Maneno began her career in Prince William County in 1997.  She became a founding faculty member of Colgan High School in 2016.


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Pre-AP Bio


Updated June 4, 2020
I miss you and hope you are well!

There are no graded assignments for 4th quarter. Your final grade is the average of the three quarters. 

Please read the following information carefully. This is the last week for assignments.

LEARNING RESOURCES: Each week I will be posting a lesson for you to do in my Files and Documents. These are optional assignments.  All the documents you find in these folders have been carefully and thoughtfully chosen and adapted for your use. If you choose to complete the assignments, please send them to me.  I can offer feedback, but it will not be given a grade.

I hope you enjoy pursuit of learning science!


Biology: This week you are exploring DNA technology.  The DNA technology document contains links to videos and articles explaining how it works and why it is important. Then try doing DNA extraction virtually. You will need a flash player on your computer to make the simulations run.

Chemistry: Using the PhET simulation website you can play with the properties of gases and test the different gas laws. I have attached some activities and instructions to guide you.


Biology: This week you are exploring viruses and in particular the novel coronavirus.  Virus exist on the edge of life, having some of the characteristics of life, but not others.  There are links to activities and recent articles published in Science News about why bats carry worse viruses and how we know that COVID-19 is natural not synthetic.  Finally, there is a link to a 60 minutes piece about using the virus genome to develop a vaccine.  If you have not seen it, you must!

Chemistry: This week we are reviewing chemical bonding.  Being about to draw Lewis Dot Structures and recognize the basic shapes of molecules is one of the most important skills we learned this year.  The polarity of molecules, the balance of charges, dictates in large part how strong intermolecular forces are.  Each of the modules posted will help you recall, relearn and perhaps help you understand these concepts better.  Enjoy walking through each one and then challenge yourself with a quiz at the end.


Biology: This week we are reviewing genetics. Start with Biology April 30 Virtual School Lesson Checklist for an overview of what is offered.  It includes the links to Mendelian and Nonmendelian Practice and Simulations.  The Genes As Medicine Case Study is also included. 

Chemistry: This week we are reviewing the periodic table.  Not only will you revisit the trends but you can read about the development of the periodic table from the beginning and how we discover new elements.  Have fun with the video links to the periodic table song and watching the reactivity of the elements.


Biology: This week we are reviewing DNA and RNA structure, the processes of transcription and translation with an emphasis on mutations.  After looking at some videos and reviewing translation (What does tRNA carry?), check out the mutations webquest and look at the real world application of the Rock Pocket Mice mutation. 

Chemistry: This week we are reviewing nomenclature.  Do you remember the polyatomic ions?  Be able to name and write ionic, molecular and acid compounds.  Look around your house and find ingredients and write out their formulas.  Learn the actual formulas for some common chemicals and practice, practice, practice naming and writing formulas.


Biology: This week we are reviewing the cell cycle and cell reproduction.  Make sure you can identify the stages and review the relationship between cancer and the cell cycle.  Read it over, watch videos and answer questions. Do you understand the difference between mitosis and meiosis?  Watch the video and take a quiz. Finally, review the types of asexual reproductions through a webquest.

Chemistry: This week we are reviewing chemical reactions.  This includes balancing and writing reactions.  Can you identify the type of reaction and predict products based on the type?  You should also be able to use the solubility rules to identify a precipitate and write net ionic equations.  The modules will walk you through the skills and practice.


Biology: This week you will be reviewing cell energy: photosynthesis and cellular respiration.  Watch the photosynthesis animation.  Do the cellular respiration webquest.  Try the Photosynthesis in spinach and the cellular respiration in rabbits lab.

Chemistry: This week you are reviewing moles.  The Moles Review has video links and notes attached to recall how to do these problems.  Try the Mole Maze Activity.  It is a powerpoint with drag-and-drop arrows to lead you to the right path. 


Biology: This week you are reviewing the types of cells, cell organelle and cell transport.  Enjoy doing the interactive Cells Alive website.  Make up a creative cell analogy and color the cell membrane.  If you want to try testing osmosis try the bending the carrot or egg osmosis lab for fun.

Chemistry: This week review stoichiometry and then challenge yourself with the Brominator activity.  This is a great thinking activity in which you figure out which of the three reactions with bromine is the best.


Biology: This week you are reviewing biochemistry which is an overview of a large area of chemistry overlapping biology.  Reviewing the structure of the atom is needed only as background for molecules and water.  Although water is not a biomolecule its behavior is critical to organisms.  The four basic biomolecules are: carbohydrates, lipids, nucleic acids and proteins.  What are they made of?  What do they do?

Chemistry: This week you will be doing a project-based lesson on vaping.  You will research the latest information on the topic then make a poster, write a letter or create a video to communicate your findings.

Email me questions.  Office hours are Tuesdays 11-12 and Fridays 8-9. I will be updating this page each week.
In the meantime, stay home, maintain your social distance and wash your hands.

Best regards,

Mrs. Maneno