CFPA Music Technology

CFPA Music Technology is a four-year program where students learn to write, produce, and perform original music using industry-standard technology. In addition to regular coursework in music classes, students collaborate as producers, performers, and audio engineers. Seniors prepare for college or career paths by building a comprehensive portfolio of musical content. Alumni are signed artists, college music majors, and lifelong musicians.


Mr. Mills
[email protected]

Music Technology Audition Requirements

Before Audition Day

  1. Create and Submit Original Music
    1. Create an original piece of music of at least 30 seconds in length. It may be produced using any program such as
      • notation software (Finale, Sibelius, Noteflight, etc.)
      • digital audio workstation (GarageBand, ProTools, FL Studio, etc.)
      • any other digital audio recorder (voice recording apps)
    2. Submit PDF and/or audio file/s to
      • Project files (.mus, .musx, .band, .logicx, .mid, etc.) are not accepted
      • All files must be submitted via the link above before entering Colgan High School on audition day if auditions are in person. Additional guidance will be provided if auditions are virtual

    On Audition Day

  2. Perform
    1. Perform approximately one minute of music that best showcases your abilities. Audition on a band or orchestra instrument, voice, or piano. Examples of what you could perform include
      • an original song, playing and singing
      • solo piece on your band or orchestra instrument, voice, or piano
      • a piece you wrote for your instrument
    2. Sight-read a short piece of music on your band or orchestra instrument, voice, or piano

Other Information

  • The following equipment will be available for students to use during their audition (if in person auditions are held.)
    • grand piano
    • guitar and bass amplifiers (for students accompanying their own voice)
    • xylophone
    • snare drum
  • Performances will be evaluated based on criteria that match the student’s ensemble. For example, a student playing flute would be evaluated using the band audition rubric; a student singing would be evaluated using the chorus audition rubric, etc. To see a detailed breakdown of how all rubrics are calibrated equally, see the “Music Technology Scoring Worksheet” on the CFPA website.

Music Technology Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main focus of CFPA Music Technology?

Over four years, students learn advanced musical concepts related to music production and recording, contemporary performance, and music composition. CFPA Music Technology students regularly collaborate throughout the CFPA as performers, arrangers, audio engineers, and producers.

How many students get into CFPA Music Technology?

There is no set number of students accepted. In recent years, acceptance rates have varied from 45-60%.

What if I have more questions?

 Email Mr. Mills at [email protected]