Journalism Courses

Journalism I

Grade: 9-12

Prerequisite: Completion of an English course or teacher recommendation

To develop basic skills in journalism, students study and write news, feature, sports, editorial, and other forms of journalistic articles. They study interviewing, various types of research, legal rights and responsibilities, page design, photography, desktop publishing and advertising. They produce articles for publication in the mass media


Journalism II

Grade: 10-12

Prerequisite: Journalism I or recommendation

Students produce a news publication. Working cooperatively, students apply skills and techniques learned in Journalism I.


Journalism III

Grade: 11-12

Prerequisite: Journalism II

Students learn editorial leadership, develop a sense of professionalism, understand the role of the newspaper in our society, and develop more fully as productive members of the publication staff. Students serve as leaders, mentors, and peer tutors. They may also represent the newspaper staff in the community by writing for the professional press in stringer or internship positions, and/or serve as tutors in neighboring middle schools.


Photo Journalism - Yearbook

Grade: 9-12

Prerequisite: Journalism I or teacher recommendation

Students learn various aspects of publication while assisting in the production of the high school yearbook. Students participate in each step of production from planning the ladder diagram to distribution of the completed publication. This course may be taken more than once for credit.


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