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Charles J. Colgan Sr, High School is the Center of Fine and Performing Arts. The building was opened in 2016, and is named in honor of the late state senator Charles J. Colgan. Colgan Teachers graduate from over 25 different universities. Over 70% of Colgan staff have graduate degrees. Colgan teachers serve over 2,500 students. The average class size is 28 students. Students are offerred several course options including Advanced Placement courses, four world languages, and several unique visual and performing arts electives. 


 P1 Earth Science II Astronomy room 2101
 P2 Earth Science II Oceanography room 2101
 P3 Earth Science II Oceanography room 2101
 P4 Planning room 2112
 P5 Earth Science II Oceanogrpahy room 2101

P6 Earth Science II Astronomy room 2101
           * P7 Planning Room 2112
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