Mr. Forrester
Mr. Forrester
Room 2037
Monsieur Forrester is a native of West Virginia. He attended West Virginia University where he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in French and a Master of Arts degree in Secondary Education. After graduation, he accepted a teaching position as an Assistant de Langue at Lycée Robert Schumann near Strasbourg, France. For the past four years, M. Forrester has taught various levels of French at Forest Park High School. He has contributed to the PWCS Common Performance Assessment and Textbook Adoption committees for World Languages. He has enjoyed planning interactive lessons, sponsoring various clubs, and organizing student trips to France. Monsieur Forrester is teaching French II, French III, and PreAP French III at Colgan and looks forward to sharing his enthusiasm for the French language and culture with the inaugural class at Colgan High School. 

- Colgan Parents and students we will be utilizing the learning management system, Edmodo, to stay up to date on assignments and announcements.
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